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The Multi View Screen of the MOBOTIX Camera

The Multi View screen provides a way of grouping several cameras in different patterns or shows one camera with its latest events.

The Elements of the Multi View Screen

Hold your mouse over the elements of the user interface to see the bubble help. Click on the element to go to the description.

Camera name Multi View screen name Live Player Multi View Open Help Camera Information Start/stop Multi View Softbuttons Softbuttons Multi View screens Camera 1 (320x240) Camera 2 (320x240) Camera 3 (320x240) Camera 4 (320x240)

Element Descriptions

Elements of the Title Bar

Name Element Description
Camera name

Shows the camera name as set in the Quick Installation wizard or in the Ethernet Interface dialog in the Camera name field.

Multi View screen name

Displays the name of the current multi view as set in the Multi View Screens dialog.

Open Help Back to the overview

Opens the online help for the current screen or dialog. If no help topic is available, the Help page will be displayed.

Camera Information Back to the overview

Displays information on the hardware, software and the most important settings of the camera.

Screens of the Camera

Name Element Description
Live Back to the overview

The Live screen of the MOBOTIX camera displays the current images of the camera.

Use the dropdown menus to access certain functions of the image controls and the camera administration or open the Setup Menu to see links to all image and event control dialogs.

The Admin Menu (password-protected) contains all dialogs for configuring the camera.

See also: The Live Screen
Player Back to the overview

Use the Player screen to view and download the events stored in the internal or the external image storage of the camera.

See also: The Player
Multi View Back to the overview

Use the Multi View screen to combine several cameras in different patterns and to assign special functions (highlighting, focus on alarm, ...) for the individual cameras.

Guest Back to the overview

The Guest screen allows viewing the camera's live image, setting the image rate within the preset limits and accessing the Live screen by clicking on the Menu link at the bottom of the page.

See also: The Guest Screen
PDA Back to the overview

The PDA screen displays the camera's current image for low-resolution devices (PDAs/MDAs and mobile phones).

If you would like to see a list of events on your PDA and download event images, open the PDA Event List.

See also: The PDA Screen

The Softbuttons

Name Element Description

The softbuttons at the left-hand side of the screen execute certain functions, most of which can be used by users with User level access.

If you have administrative access to the camera, you may assign new functions to existing softbuttons by [Shift]-clicking the corresponding softbutton.

See also: Defining Softbuttons
Managing Users and Passwords
Multi View screens

Click on one of the softbuttons to select one of the predefined multi view screens.

Displays the last four events (160x120) at the left side of the screen and shows the current image in the main image area.
Displays a list of up to four cameras (160x120) at the left side of the screen; the local camera is preset at the top left position. If one of the cameras detects an event, the corresponding image will be displayed in the main image area.
Displays up to four cameras with 320x240 resolution.
Note: [Shift]-click an image area to set the options for this camera or image area as described in Configure Multi View Image Area.

The Image Area

Name Element Description
Image area Back to the overview

The image area shows the images of one or more cameras, as defined in the Configure Multi View Screens dialog. In addition, you may choose from the following options:

  • [Shift]-click on one of the image areas to open the Configure Multi View Image Area dialog for this area.
  • Clicking one of the image areas will open the camera, provided that it actually is a MOBOTIX camera.
See also: Multi View Screens

Storing the Configuration

Changes to the Multi View screen that you performed in the Multi View Screens dialog or by [Shift]-clicking one of the image areas will only be valid until the next reboot of the camera. If you have administrative access to the camera, you should store the current configuration into flash memory.

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